The Shadow Whip (1971)

There is something very spectacular about these earlier Shaw Brothers Wuxia movies.  The Shadow Whip is a fun adventure story with no attempts to make an overly complicated story or characters.  They are what they are and they do what they do, and it is wonderful.The cast is just the right fit with Cheng Pei-Pei just as awesome as she usually is. I much prefer this style of Shaw Brothers when compared to some of their late 70’s early 80’s work.  Not that there is anything wrong with the Venom Mob movies.  However films like The Shadow Whip, One-Armed Swordsman, and The Magnificent Swordsman are in a class all of their own.  Much like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when compared to IP Man.  Both are fantastic movies but Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has a certain amount of elegance that I enjoy.

I watched The Shadow Whip on Amazon Prime with the original audio track and English subtitles (the way it is intended to be watched).

Also keep your eyes peeled for a young Sammo Hung who is suppose to be an extra in the film.  I didn’t spot him but I’ll watch it again and try to find him. Also watch out for the fight scene where Yueh Hua’s sword gets bent during his sword fight.

Lo Wei, Director, Script
Ni Kuang, Script
Simon Chui Yee-Ang, Action Director

Cheng Pei-Pei (Come Drink with Me, Golden Swallow, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as Miss Yun/Yang Kai Yun
Yueh Hua (Princess Iron Fan, The Duel of the Century, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) as Wang Jianxin
Tien Feng (One-Armed Swordsman, Fist of Fury, Green Snake) as Fang Chengtian, Shadow Whip
Ku Feng (Magnificent Trio, The Flying Dagger, Shaolin Intruders) as Chief Hong
Lee Kwan (The Sword, Fist of Fury) as Er Sha Zi
Wang Hsieh (The Lady Hermit, The 14 Amazons, Last Hero in China) as One of the Serial Trio
Lee Sau-Kei (Thirteen Swords, The Deadly Knives, The Web of Death) as Xu Shanhu
Lo Wei (The Golden Sword, Vengeance of a Snowgirl) as Chief Yang of Xuan Wu Security
Kao Ming (Heads for Sale, The Fastest Sword, The Idiot Swordsman) as Leader of Sixteen Bandits of Yan Yun
Lee Ka-Ting (Butterfly Sword, Trilogy of Swordsmanship) as One of the Serial Trio
Hao Li-Jen (Princess Iron Fan, Duel at the Supreme Gate, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) as Inn keeper
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (The Magnificent Butcher, The Prodigal Son, The Monkey King 2) as Martial artist after Fang

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