One Armed Swordsman Against Nine Killers (1976)

1armed vs 9

Liu Ching Wu (Jimmy Wang Yu) vs. Lu Ta Cha 

First off this is not a continuation of the two Shaw Brothers classics One-Armed Swordsman (1967) and its sequel the Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (1969). This is an independent film produced by Jimmy Wang Yu.  I like Jimmy Wang Yu films, but I like them more when they are properly funded.  One-Armed Swordsman vs. the Nine Killers gives little motivation for the actions of any of the characters other than ‘revenge’ and ‘my boss sent me’.  The action could have been much better and the plot is just a series of fights and meetings strung together. Although I must say I’ve seen better films I would still recommend the movie if you are a Jimmy Wang Yu fan.   It isn’t unwatchable (I reserve that for Blade of Kings or Iceman).

The version I watched was on Amazon Prime, English dubbed and some of the ending was missing. Despite the title the character Liu Ching Wu never once used a sword.  It would have been better titled the One-armed Boxer rather than swordsman.

Hsu Tseng-Hung, Director
Lee Jeong-Ho, Director
Yiu Hing-Hong, Script
Wong Gwok-Chue, Action Director

Jimmy Wang Yu (One-Armed Swordsman, Wu Xia, One-Armed Boxer) as Liu Ching Wu/Liu Yi Su
Chung Wah (Return of the One-Armed Swordsman, The 14 Amazons, Jade Dagger Ninja) as Mung Sing Hung
Chen Hung-Lieh (Twin Blades of Doom, The Eight Dragon Swords, The Shaolin Invincibles) as Liu, one of the 9 killers
Lo Lieh (Golden Swallow, The Web of Death, Return of the Bastard Swordsman) as Shao Si Yu
Cho Kin (Dragon Inn, The Swordsman of All Swordsmen, A Touch of Zen) as Chow Yi To/Chu
Lung Fei (The Invincible Sword, One-Armed Boxer, The 7 Grandmasters) as Yen Hsi Su
Wan Shan (The 72 Desperate Rebels) as Chu Lu
Ko Chun-Pang (Two Dragons Fight Against Tiger, The Deadly Silver Spear) as Fortune teller
Hsieh Hsing (The Beautiful Swordswoman, The Eight Dragon Swords, One-armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine) as Assassin
Wong Wing-Sang (Bronze Head and Steel Arm, One-Armed Boxer, 18 Secrets of Kung Fu) as Mo Fei To
Hau Pak-Wai (Deadly Fists, The Shaolin Avengers, The Buddha Assassinator) as Wong Pa, the “Turtle”
Chin Lung (One Arm Chivalry Fights Against One Arm Chivalry, The Invincible Kung Fu Legs) as Tai Li Wa
Sit Hon (The Young Avengeress, The Invincible Sword, The Idiot Swordsman) as Liu’s servant
Wong Chi-Sang (18 Shaolin Disciples, Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion, Shaolin Kung Fu Master) as Fu Pai Su, one of the 9 killer
Yu Heng (Black and White Swordsmen, The Magnificent Chivalry, Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist) as Dr. Poison
Wong Gwok-Chue (Drunk Fish, Drunk Frog, Drunk Crab) as Monk Hsiao Hua
Ng Ho (The Assassin, The Master Sword, The 18 Bronzemen) as Lo Pu
Miu Tak-San (Dragon Gate Swordsman, Shaolin Wooden Men, The 7 Grandmasters) as Brothel host
Woo Hon-Cheung (The Swordsman, Fists for Revenge, Return of the 18 Bronzemen) as Rat
Bao Zheng-Fang (Two Crippled Heroes) as The girl
Pui Tak-Wan (Six Kung Fu Heroes, Flying Swallow , Drunken Tai Chi) as Assassin
Tang Keung-Mei (Five Shaolin Masters, Duel of the Masters, Dragon of the Swordsman) as Twin
Tang Keung-Ying (Return of the Deadly Blade, Duel of the Masters, Seven Knights) as Twin
Choi Sung (Blood of the Leopard) as One of the 9 Killers

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