Heads for Sale (1970)

So I was looking for something different and Heads for Sale looked promising on Amazon Prime. A female lead and an interesting title was enough to spark my interest.  This is an amazing hidden treasure! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this film! The cast, although fairly large, wasn’t overwhelming.  You learned just enough about the characters as you needed too which made them more enjoyable, you got a sense that they all had wonderful backstories without having to get into them at all.


left to right actors Yip Bo-Kam, Lisa Chiao Chiao, & Poon Oi-Lun

Some of the character names from HKMDB are different from the subtitles.  I’m assuming it’s a Cantonese/Mandarin difference. For example the subtitles would give Lisa Chiao Chiao’s character name as Bilian but HKMDB has the name as Hua Pi-Lien.

The action is very good but unfortunately I do not know who the action director was as they are not credited.  I have enjoyed this film and highly recommend it!  Good action, great story, tons of fun!


Walter Chung Chang-Hwa, Director
Yip Yat-Fong, Script

Lisa Chiao Chiao (One-Armed Swordsman, The Silent Swordsman, Return of the One-Armed Swordsman) as Hua Pi-Lien / Bilian
Chan Leung (Valley of the Fangs, Finger of Doom) as Luo Hung-Hsun
Wang Hsieh (The Swordmates, The Master of Kung Fu, Shaolin Vs. Ninja) as Pao Tzu-An (old hero)
Helen Ma Hoi-Lun (The Twin Swords, Royal Tramp II, The Sword Stained with Royal Blood) as Pao Chin-Hua (Old Hero’s daughter Jinhua)
Chen Yan-Yan (One-Armed Swordsman, The 14 Amazons, The Young Avenger) as Luo’s mother
Fan Mei-Sheng (The Magic Blade, The Sentimental Swordsman, Postman Strikes Back) as Wan San-Chu
Cheng Miu (The Sword and the Lute, Have Sword, Will Travel, The Imperial Swordsman) as Hua Chen-Fang
Cheng Lui (All Men Are Brothers, The Magnificent Boxer, The Water Margin) as Mei Lao
Tung Li (The Wandering Swordsman, Snake Crane Secret, Return of the One-Armed Swordsman) as Hao Tien-Peng
Chai No (The Magnificent Swordsman, The Iron Buddha, The Swordsman) as Chu brother #1
Suen Lam (Trilogy of Swordsmanship, New Fist of Fury, Shaolin Heroes) as Chu brother #2
Ma Ying (The Sword of Swords, The Magnificent Swordsman, Trilogy of Swordsmanship) as Chu brother #3
Hung Lau (One-Armed Swordsman, Killers Five, The Great Chinese Boxer) as Pai Hua-She
Chan Sing (The Invincible Fist, The Chinese Boxer, 18 Swirling Riders) as Chu brother #4
Yip Bo-Kam (The Sword of Swords, The Magnificent Swordsman, The Duel) as Hsiao Hung, one of Hua Pi-Lien attendants
Poon Oi-Lun (Temple of the Red Lotus, Dragon Swamp, Call to Arms) as Hsiao Hsiang, one of Hua Pi-Lien attendants
Kao Ming (The Golden Sword, The Invincible Swordswoman, The Idiot Swordsman) as Huang Lun, the main villian
Shum Lo (The Magnificent Swordsman, The Flying Dagger, Bastard Swordsman) as Master Chin
Lee Sau-Kei (The Birth of the Monkey King, The Snowflake Sword, Sword Stained with Royal Blood) as Dr Chang Kuo-Yang

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