Blade of Kings (2004)

BoK 4

From left to right: Jaycee Chan, Gillian Chung, Bolin Chen, and Charlene Choi

Blade of Kings or The Twins Effect II is another in a series of “Twins” movies starring Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung of Cantopop group Twins. I enjoyed Vampire Effect (The Twins Effect I) so I was hoping to enjoy Blade of kings with the silly, yet charming duo and gratuitous placement of guest stars.  Sadly that didn’t happen.  Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung are just as charming, there are just as many guest stars but the sets were cheap, the costumes way too bright, and the CGI just did not hold up at all after eleven years.  The plot was thin but I wasn’t really expecting it to be great, however I wanted it to be at least flow a bit better than it did.

BoK 2

Jaycee Chan and Gillian Chung

The basic plot is that men are slaves and an evil Queen rules the lands.  It’s up to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (really?  That’s the name you came up with?) to get the map to find the Blade of Kings, which by the way is the handle and pommel of Sting from Lord of the Rings series.  The sword can only be used by the Star of Rex and then the Queen can be overthrown.  Like I said basic plot but this film is geared towards preteens and young teens.  The movie is filled with humor and antics and I did manage to chuckle every once in a while.  My young teen daughter enjoyed it so it certainly hits the target audience.

This is also Jaycee Chan’s debut movie.  Jaycee is the son of famous Jackie Chan.

Charlene Choi as the (The Twins Effect, House of Fury, Twins Mission, Kung Fu Dunk) is 13th Master

Gillian Chung (The Twins Effect, Ip Man: The Final Fight, Twins Mission, House of Fury) as Blue Bird

Jaycee Chan (Mulan: Rise of a Warrior, Monk Comes Down the Mountain) as Charcoal Head / Star of Rex

Bolin Chen (Kung Fu Dunk) as Blockhead

Those are the four main characters of the movie.  Other guest stars include Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Tony Leung Ka-fai (Big Tony), Edison Chen (of the Edison Chen photo scandals), Daniel Wu, Fan Bingbing, and many others.

I’m glad I watched it, I wish I would have been able to rent it but I only spent £2.50 for the DVD which had no extras at all.  Honestly you could skip this film, it is not worth the 104 minutes of your life.

Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen

Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen


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