The Flying Guillotine 2 (1978)

The Official sequel to The Flying Guillotine a.k.a. Palace Carnage.  Ti Lung replaces Chen Kuan-Tai as Ma Tang. Script writer Ni Kuang wrote for both movies.  Continuing from the first film MaTang is still helping to rebel against the Qing Dynasty due to Han oppression.  He has invented a weapon that can counter the deadly Flying Guillotine but now the Emperor has had the weapon upgraded to counter Ma Tang’s new weapon.  The arms race is on, can Ma Tang develop a new weapon to save the rebels?

Very enjoyable film and I was pleased that it wasn’t just a repeat of the first film.  I had no complaints about the sets or costumes, the acting was all very good and the story allowed for some character development which is always appreciated.  The action sequences were well executed although I would have prefered to have seen a bit more of the Guillotines in action. Many reviews do take issue with the directing of the film, some sources indicate there was some off screen conflicts and change of both cast and director during the shooting.  I certainly think the two storylines between Ma Tang and the rebel faction could have been a bit smoother transition, but other than that I thought it was good.  In the begining each of the rebels seemed to have a special backstory hinted at but then it is never explored.  However I’m just an average fan of the genre, I certainly don’t have the skills to critique technical aspects of a film.

Seems like all the films I’ve been watching lately have had Ti Lung and Lo Lieh in them.  I may have to switch to watching some 90’s wuxia for awhile!


Cheng Kang, Director
Hua Shan, Director
Tong Kai, Action Director
Ti Lung (Drunken Master II, The Bare-Footed Kid, The Roving Swordsman) as Ma Tang
Shih Szu (Trilogy of Swordsmanship, The Young Avenger, Shaolin Temple) as Na Lan
Ku Feng (Legend of the Drunken Tiger, A Chinese Ghost Story II, Shaolin Intruders) as Emperor YungJ ing
Lo Lieh (Temple of the Red Lotus, The Flying Dagger, Dirty Ho) as Lord Bao Ying
Wai Wang (The Flying Guillotine, Swift Sword) as Lord Gang Jing Feng
Shut Chung-Tin (Iron Man, The Iron Monkey, Duel at Tiger Village) as Hero Jin Feng Chih
Nancy Yen Nan-See (Death Duel, The 7 Grandmasters, The Undefeatable Sword and Martial Arts) as Tien Sin Dragon swordswoman
Lau Luk-Wah as Fastest Sword Jiang Cheung Fung
Wong Chung (Cantonen Iron Kung Fu, The Web of Death, All Men Are Brothers) as Bai Tai Kuan
Fan Mei-Sheng (One-Armed Swordsman, The Brave Archer, Project A II) as Li Sing Nan
Cheng Kang-Yeh (The Eagle’s Killer, Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog!, Heroes of the East) as Sui Sheng Piu
Ku Kuan-Chung (The Spiritual Boxer, Swordsman and Enchantress, The Roving Swordsman) as 4th brother
Chan Sze-Kai (Bastard Swordsman, Dirty Ho, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) as Yu Lan
Cheng Miu (Have Sword, Will Travel, Crippled Avengers, Return of the Bastard Swordsman) as Tibet Lama Koupin
Ku Wen-Chung (Fong Sai-Yuk in a Bloody Battle in Ying Yang Cave, The Sentimental Swordsman) as Royal Teacher Yeung
Yeung Chi-Hing (Five Swordsmen, The Golden Sword, The 14 Amazons) as Military Secretary Bao Lao
Shum Lo (The Magnificent Swordsman, Six Assassins, Bastard Swordsman) as Emperor’s bodyguard

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Blood Brothers review

Video Review by Brendan Davis.  Check out his other reviews and videos!


Trivia: This official sequel was plagued with serious production problems from disappearing, or disgruntled cast members and a change in director. From cool ass cinema


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