Dual at Tiger Village (1978)

Also known as Iron Monkey Strikes Back! or Tough Guy or Duel of Master or Iron Monkey 2


Li San is accused of murdering the emperor’s wife and it is up to Cool Head a Kung-fu fighting detective to investigate!  He soon uncovers a high-ranking conspiracy with the help of Chai Fung!

When I put it like that it makes the film sound cheesy! However it is not a cheesy film.  It is fun, exciting, and lots of action.  The plot is basic and the film sticks with the plot without having to add any ostentatious tricks or gimmicks.  The movie is currently (as of July 17th 2016) available to stream with an Amazon Prime account.


I’m a bit frustrated that I can not find a decent credit list for the film.  I’ve added what the film credit said, and what IMDB had.  It is not much to go on and disappointing considering you have actors like Chen Kuan-Tai and Chan Sing in this film.

Chen Kuan-Tai (The Flying Guillotine, Crippled Avengers, 14 Blades) as Inspector Cool Head

Chia Ling (Shaolin Monk, The Shaolin Invincibles, Iron Swallow) as Chai Fung

Yan Chung-Shing  as Lee San (or Li San)

Chang Fang-Hsia (Dragon Gate, The Prodigal Boxer 2) as Magistrate

Chan Sing (Have Sword, Will Travel, The Wandering Swordsman, Kung Fu Executioner) as Chamberlain Wu Tai

Se Chun Tin (Flying Guillotine, Part II , 18 Fatal Strikes, The Swordsman)

Tin Yaiu

In Chung Shing

Chui Lain

Shui Chun Kan

Chun Tung Mei

Cheug Fong Hai

Li Ming Long



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