Kung Fu Arts (1978)


The princess’s fiancé, King Chi, learns that the emperor’s right hand man, Pai Yeh Hu, is plotting an assassination. He attempts to stop it, but ends up accused of the attempted regicide. Worse, he throws a poisoned dart meant for Pai Yeh Hu, but it hits the princess instead. For days she is near death. The emperor decrees that anyone who can save her will win her hand in marriage. King Chi, unable to bring the antidote himself, sends his monkey to do the job. But after the monkey saves the princess’s life, the emperor is honor-bound to keep his promise. He marries his daughter to the monkey and then sends them both adrift in a boat, which takes them to a deserted island. Ten years later, the princess has a son. The two are alone on an island with “Uncle Monkey.” But the boy’s father, King Chi, is hiding on a mountain, improving his kung fu skills in order to exact his revenge.


I bought this film in a set of 100 Best Kung Fu Movies.  Double sided DVD’s two movies on each side.  All of them are English Dubbed, formatted for televisions before widescreen became the normal 4:3 (1.33:1). Kung Fu Arts is Disc 1 Side A

All I can say is this is THE worst film I’ve added to this blog!  I feel sorry for Carter Wong for getting roped into this Taiwanese film. The action is just bad, the acting was not any good.  Obviously no one ever told him not to work with either children or animals and he got stuck with both in this turd of a film.

The names used in this film, what IMDB has and what HKMD would call them are all different.  It has made it very difficult to get an accurate casting and what other films they have played. As this film was made in Taiwan it is not listed in HKMD.


Carter Wong (18 Bronzemen, Return of the 18 Bronzemen, The Shaolin Invincibles, Big Trouble in Little China) as King Chi

Chan Sing (Duel at the Tiger Village, 18 Swirling Riders, The Iron Fisted Monk, The 72 Desperate Rebels) as Pai Yeh Hu

Ching Chih Min (Dragon Gate, The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu, Raging Tiger Vs. Monkey King) as the Princess

Chung-Kuei Chang or Cheung Chung-Kwai (One-Armed Boxer II, Three Shaolin Musketeers, Eagle’s Claw and Butterfly Palm)

Ming Yang Chen only performed in a few movies, but then went into Sound Editing for films such as Fists of Legend, Running on Karma, Tai-Chi Master, and more.

Kuang Lung Chi (Along Comes the Tiger)

Ling Huang
Wen-Pin Liu
Hui-Chun Pan
Te-Shan Wu
Heng Yu

Kung Fu Movie Guide Review


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