Pride’s Deadly Fury (1983)

a.k.a. Deadly Fury, Honour of Dong Fang-Xu

Pride’s Deadly Fury is an excellent movie.  The story is old and has been used time and time again in movies such as Jet Li’s Fearless, Chinese Connection, Fist of Legend, Ip Man 2 and many others.  Dong Fang-Xu is a master of Baguazhang, one of the few films I’ve seen that features this style.  Jet Li’s The One is the only other movie I can think of that uses it. He has a brief problem with local Martial Arts Master He DanLai but soon finds himself avenging him and all of China from Russian Boxer Datlov.

That is all of the plot I will divulge as it really is worth watching.  The acting wasn’t too bad however the DVD I rented had horrible English dubbing with voice actors that possessed no skill other than the ability to read a script.  This shouldn’t put you off watching the movie if English Dubbed is the only version you can find.  I really enjoyed the film and watching the actors perform Baguazhang forms is something I liked very much!

The movie is also unique as it is a Mainland China film.  Not too many of this quality being made outside of Hong Kong in the 80’s.  I’m afraid I could find no decent pictures from the film. Also the actors playing the russians used Chinese names for the credits


Lee Jun-Fung (Revengence Superlady, The Swordsmwoman in White) as Dong Fang-Xu

Lee Tak-Yuk as He Da-Hai

Zhang Yun-Xi as “Magic Palm”

Ge Chun-Yan as Gao Lian-Zhi

Ai Hai-Te as Datlov

Pang Wan-Lin as Tulayev

Wa Er-Si as Bitchko

Ge Cun-Zhuang as Liang Shou-Ren

Jiang Geng-Chen as Officer Song


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