Wu Dang (2012)

I swear Vincent Zhao and Louis Fan are in everything I watch these days!  Wu Dang is set during the Republic Era (1912-1949) in the Wudang Mountains.  Personally I love films set in this time period, whether they are Chinese films or American so I was already predisposed to like the film. Wu Dang is definitely an adventure film and that was a nice change.  Now it is not perfect by any means.  The story of Shui Heyi played by Louis Fan feels incomplete which is a shame as it would have made the film better if they had flushed out his parts.


Vincent Zhao as Tang Yunlong

I found the acting to be good and the action was very exciting.  The choreography was done by the famous action director Corey Yuen, a personal favorite of mine! The costumes were not only believable but lots of attention was shown to details.  The costume designer, Emi Wada, is a recipient of an Academy Award for Best Costume Design 1985.  The scenery was breathtaking and the sets were really nice.

Wu Dang is not a perfect film but it certainly is entertaining and at no time did I feel the need to pick up my smart phone while watching it!


Dennis To as Taoist Bailong

Vincent Zhao (Fong Sai-yuk, The BladeThe White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom) as Professor Tang Yunlong

Yang Mi (Painted Skin: The Resurrection, King of Beggars) as Tianxin, she is on a quest to retrieve her clans porperty

Louis Fan (Ip Man 1 & 2, Legend of ZuThe Legend Is Born: Ip Man) as Shui Heyi a novice

Dennis To (Ip Man 1 & 2, The Legend Is Born: Ip Man) as Taoist Bailong as the First Disciple of Wu Dang

Xu Jiao ( The Legend Is Born: Ip Man, The Warring States) as Tang Ning, Tang Yunlong’s daughter and Tia Chi expert

Paw Hee-ching (Fearless, White Hair Devil Lady) as Shui Heyi’s mother

Henry Fong (White Hair Devil Lady, ) as Taoist Xie

Tam Chun-yin (7 Assassins, Kung Fu Dunk)  as Paul Chen a gangster who is after Wu Dang’s treasures

Wang Xiao (Legendary Amazons) as mute Taoist

Wang Yuying as Tianxue

Xiao Xiangfei as Taoist priest

Liu Jiayu as Taoist nun

Zhou Yang as housekeeper

Tian Ruihui as Tong Yan


Yang Mi as Tianxin


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