Shaolin Warrior (2013)

Each review I read for this film seems to tell a different story.  I can only assume it is due to dubbing and subtitling.  The version I rented (thank goodness I didn’t purchase this film) started off with the main antagonist as a King but latter called him a General in the subtitles.  It was okay to watch, it was entertaining enough, certainly better than many other  films I’ve seen but I’d be hard pressed to name them.  The film quality seemed like cheap television rather than cinema quality and it was poorly edited into a story that was lacking any depth or even explanation on what was happening most of the time.

The story is not very original as you have Fang Lei/Yao Hanwu seeking refuge at Shaolin Temple.  He wants to learn Kung Fu to avenge his sister who was eaten by the King or General who has cannibalistic habits.  He learns Kung Fu, gets revenge.  End of story.  I have now just saved you about an hour and twenty minutes.

The movie also didn’t give me English credits so I don’t know who played what.  The following information is all I could find on this film.

Directed by Dou Xiao

Ye Jianwei

Chen Ke

Liu Ruicheng

aidy reviews


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