The Fate of Swordsman (2017)

A straightforward mission turns into much more for an expert martial artist. During the tumultuous time of the Shenlong Era of the Tang Dynasty, martial artist Xie Yun Liu (Chen Si Yu) is commanded by his master to escort Prince Li Chong Mao (Huang Tian Qi) to the capital city of Chang’an.

As Yun Liu and Chong Mao are traveling through the Fenghua Valley, they witness Crown Prince Li Chong Jun (Sheng Zi Ming) and Princess Li Hua Wan (Ma Chun Rui) being attacked, and Yun Liu ends up reluctantly coming to the rescue. Hailed as their savior, Yun Liu is invited back to the imperial Li family’s mansion for a celebration, only to find himself in the thick of other assassination attempts by the warring Wu family.

When Yun Liu is challenged to a deadly battle by Lu Wei Lou (Li Xiang Zhe), the head of the Ming Sect, can he survive the predicament with his life?


The first thing to remember when watching The Fate of Swordsman is that it is based off of the online game “Jian Wang 3 (JX3)”.  If my information is correct this is a made for TV movie from Huace Film & TV Co. Ltd and broadcast September 22nd, 2017. This would explain why it looks more like a high budget drama series rather than a mid-range budget movie.  The lighting of the movie definitely screams television. This is not to disparage the film, just to refocus your expectations if you decide to watch it.

The plot seems rushed but not horribly so and the story isn’t very complex so makes for enjoyable watching. The sets and costumes are very well made and certainly reflect the style of the video game. The actors certainly perform their forms well during the action scenes but I doubt any of them are serious martial artists.  This isn’t a slight, just an observation.

At 62 minutes long you can certainly watch this before going to work or school for the day. Although available on many websites I highly recommend you watch it on as they are licensed to play it.

FoS 1


There is next to no information on the cast and even the main cast appears to have been in only a couple of TV series each, none of them period drama.  I couldn’t find much but I will update this page if I learn more.

Chen Si Yu  as Xie Yun Liu, Eldest Disciple of Chunyang Temple
Ma Marry as Li Hua Wan, Princess and Chongmao’s older sister (3rd sister)
Huang Tian Qi (The Legend of Dugu) as Li Chongmao, Prince, youngest in the royal family
Sheng Zi Ming as Li Chongjun, Crowned Prince
Huang Nate as Li Longji, Prince, Third Brother to Chongmao
Li Xiang Zhe as Lu Wei Lou, antagonist from Persia

FoS 2



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