The Shaolin Avengers (1976)

When it comes to Chang Cheh films I tend to love them or hate them. This one has a few issues.  The ill placed flash backs were more of a distraction than they were helpful and the fight scenes are not nearly as well performed as they are in other Chang Cheh films.  I was surprised that I couldn’t find that much information about the film considering how many Chang Cheh and Alexander Fu Sheng fans there are to this day. A few that I did find seem to suggest this film was about the destruction of the Shaolin Temple so I’m assuming they were thinking of Five Shaolin Masters which was released the same year and has many of the same actors in it.

Fang Shiyu and Fang Xiaoyu are brothers seeking revenge against Lei Laohu and Peng Buyun for killing their father. The plot is not overly complex and is filled with standard troupes.  Even the characters are just standard and the actors can be seen playing similar characters in other of their films.  Alexander Fu Sheng plays a lovable mischievous kung fu master,  Leung Kar-Yan (beardy) plays a strong and silent villian.  There is not much in the way of originality to the film.

The action sequences are hit and miss.  The fight between Fang Shiyu (Alexander Fu Sheng) & Peng Buyun (Leung Kar-Yan) was good but interrupted by flashbacks (or flashbacks within flashbacks) the rest of them seemed to be poorly executed. There are some good scenes and some good ideas to The Shaolin Avengers however the whole thing could have been edited better. The Shaolin Avengers is not Chang Cheh’s best film, however it does have some redeeming qualities and is a good Sunday afternoon lazy movie to watch but if you are looking for something spectacular, amazing action and flow of sequence then I suggest you watch something else.

Currently available on Amazon Prime, a Celestial Pictures restoration.  On Prime it has English Dubs and the subtitles has slightly different dialogue from the audio.


Chang Cheh – Director, Script
Wu Ma – Director
Hsieh Hsing – Action Director
Chan San-Yat – Action Director

Alexander Fu Sheng (The Brave Archer 1-3, Legendary Weapons of China, Disciples of Shaolin) as Fang Shiyu
Chi Kuan-Chun (Five Shaolin Masters, Eagle’s Claw, Lonely Famous Sword) as Hu Huigan
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan (The Water Margin, Boxer Rebellion, Swift Sword) as Fang Xiaoyu
Lung Fei (The Magnificent Chivalry, Iron Fan and Magic Sword, The One-Armed Swordsmen) as Lei Laohu
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei (The New Shaolin Boxers, Crippled Avengers, Shaolin and Wu Tang) as Lu Yinbu
Shan Mao (The Begging Swordsman, A Touch of Zen, The Ming Patriots) as Niu Huajiao
Leung Kar-Yan (Marco Polo, Ten Brothers of Shaolin, Last Hero in China) as Peng Buyun
Jamie Luk Kim-Ming (Magnificent Wanderers, Return of the Deadly Blade, Swift Sword) as Yuan Nan
Chan Wai-Lau (Boxers of Loyalty and Righteousness, The Invincible Hero, The Fearless Hyena) as White Brows
Tsai Hung (One-Armed Boxer, Shaolin Kung Fu, Iron Neck Li) as Feng Daode
Lo Dik (The Iron Bodyguard, Disciples of Shaolin, Shaolin Popey) as Hu Yao Ting
Ma Chi-Chun (Kung Fu of Dammoh Styles) as Miao Cuihua
Weng Hsiao-Hu (The Great Chinese Boxer, New Fist of Fury, The Invincible Swordswoman) as Fang Ji Heng
Ricky Cheng Tien-Chi (The New Shaolin Boxers, Five Element Ninjas, Ninja Hunter) as Xiao Jinshan

HK Film review


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