The Qin Empire 2 (2012 tv series)

In the mid-fourth century BC during the Warring States period, groundbreaking political changes occur in the Qin state in western China. Qin, weakened by poverty and internal conflict, is in peril of being annexed by the six other states in the east. Duke Xiao, the young new ruler of Qin, seeks to restore his state to its former glory and retake the territories lost by Qin in its earlier humiliating defeats byrival states. Duke Xiao recruits several talents to help him in his ambitious plans. The most outstanding one, a statesman called Shang Yang, cooperates closely with Duke Xiao on massive political and economic reforms in Qin that lasted two decades. The changes transform Qin into a powerful state, with legal and military systems that helped to lay the foundation for Qin’s eventual unification of China under the Qin dynasty nearly 200 years later in 221 BC.

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The Qin Empire 2 (a.k.a. The Qin Empire: Alliance) is a 2012 Chinese television series based on Sun Haohui’s novel of the same Chinese title.  The story focuses on Duke Xiao of Qin and his actions which cause the rise of the Qin state in the Warring States period. Although this is a Historical Drama and not Wuxia I felt it deserves mentioning.

Costuming and locations are stunning and are only surpassed by the story line and the phenomenal way that actors portray the characters.. The series has done well as The Qin Empire I (2009) and The Qin Empire III (2017) were commissioned.  I had a heck of a time figuring out the cast of the series as Netflix calls it The Qin Empire Aliance (2012).  Well you can never be sure that the correct dates have been given for series but after digging and searching I figured out that The Qin Empire: Alliance is indeed The Qin Empire 2. I hope to some day be able to watch the first and third installment of this series.

The second series consists of 51 episodes that are each 45 minutes in length (as is the first series). They are engaging, entertaining, and currently available on Netflix. I recommend that you try watching it.


Shang Yang played by Wang Zhi Fei


Fu Da Long as King Huiwen of Qin

IMDB for Da Qin Di Guo

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