Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013)

Anthony Wong takes up the mantel of Ip Man in another movie based on the Wing Chung Master. This is Herman Yau’s second Ip Man movie, The Legend is Born – Ip ManThe movie is more of a biopic then it is a Martial Arts film but it still has plenty of action.

I quite enjoyed this film, it had a more normal, grounded, telling of the legendary teacher of Bruce Lee. In recent years IP Man has started to gain folk lore status and it is hard to separate fact from fiction in the film and tv series.  I highly recommend the movie, great acting, amazing set designs and costumes.

Herman Yau, Director

Anthony Wong (Black Mask,The Storm Riders, White Vengeance, The Four 1-3) as Ip Man (Ye Wen), a Wing Chun master.
Anita Yuen (Last Hero in China, The Sword Stained with Royal Blood) as Cheung Wing-sing (Zhang Yongcheng), Ip Man’s wife.
Eric Tsang (Armour of God, The 14 Amazons, Five Shaolin Masters) as Ng Chung (Wu Zhong)
Jordan Chan (A Man Called Hero, White Vengeance) as Tang Shing (Deng Sheng), Ip Man’s student and a police officer.
Gillian Chung (The Twins Effect II, The Spirit of the Swords, Swords of Legends, Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain) as Chan Sei-mui (Chen Simei)
Timmy Hung (Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, God of War) as Leung Sheung (Liang Shuang)
Jiang Lu-Xia (True Legend) as Lee King (Li Qiong), Ip Man’s student
Zhou Dingyu (a.k.a. Marvel Chow Ting-Yu) as Wong Tung (Wang Dong), Ip Man’s student and a prison officer.
Zhou Chuchu as Jenny, a singer
Zhang Songwen (Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen) as Ip Chun (Ye Zhun), Ip Man’s son.
Donny Wu as Ng Chan (Wu Zan), Ip Man’s student and a tram driver.
Ken Lo (Drunken Master II) as Ngai Ba-tin (Wei Batian), a martial arts master who works for Local Dragon.
Hung Yan-yan (Once Upon a Time in China 1-6, The Blade) as Local Dragon, a mob boss who controls the Kowloon Walled City.
Wong Cho-lam (Rise of the Legend) as Blind Chan, a blind fortune teller.
Queenie Chu as Sophie, Jenny’s colleague who dies from her addiction to opium.
Liu Kai-chi as Lee Yiu-wah (Li Yaohua), Ip Man’s friend.
Ip Chun (The Legend is Born – Ip Man) as the shop owner who lets Ip Man use the phone in his shop.

Other films based on Ip Man

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