The Deadly Sword (1980)

A swordsman uses a specialized weapon made from a deformed sword, the lethal hook, to fight an underworld clan to clear his family name and save the girl he loves in ancient China.

If I had not read that blurb on IMDB I would still not understand what The Deadly Sword was about.  I don’t know if the movie has been re-edited for western audience (always a mistake) or if the plot is just that muddled up.  Add to that the horrible English dubbing which sounds like it was made by first year film students with no acting ability.  I can’t imagine where they got the translations as what they say rarely makes any sense at all.

Here are some examples of the terrible dialogue which I seriously doubt was what was in the original film

“Why do you call it ‘the deadly hook’,” & has it carefully explained, “Because it’s deadly. Anything it strikes will become a dead thing. If it strikes your foot, your foot will say, ‘Goodbye to you!'”


Brother Kao, “It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Party. We’re just so happy”
Master Ti Chi Lamb, ” It’s my pleasure to attend a party like this. I’ve learned a lot from the party”

<Everyone laughs hysterically.>

My suggestion for you all is to avoid this film.  It is available on Amazon Prime.

Barry Chan (The Invincible Hero, Fists of Vengeance, The 72 Desperate Rebels) as Captain Yeung Chun

Ling Yun (Twin Blades of Doom, The Iron Buddha, Legend of Lu Xiao-Fong) as Tit Ching Lam

Candice Yu On-On (The Sentimental Swordsman, Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre I & II, Swordsman 2) as Su Min

Got Siu-Bo (Magic Sword, One Armed Knight, Tai Chi Shadow Boxing) as Brother Fa Sei

Ma Kei (Four Brave Ones, The Flying Swordgirl, One-Armed Boxer) as ”Blind” man

Chang Peng (Shaolin Kung Fu, Ninja in the Deadly Trap ) as Flying Tiger Wong

Cheng Kang-Yeh (The Sword and the Lute, The Iron Buddha, The New One-armed Swordsman) as Man offering a bribe

Wild Realm Reviews   – this review about sums up my opinion of the film and it was the only review I could find


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