The Face Behind the Mask (1977)

Chi Tien-wei has been elected Chief of the jianghu after his three disciples eliminate the most feared fighters in the jianghu, namely: the “Militant Dragon and Tiger”, the “Devil Stars” and the “Three Horrid Mice”. However, not everyone is pleased at Wei’s appointment as Chief and many anonymous fighters and wizards are sent to upset his household, “The First family”. Soon Chi Tien-wei realizes that there is a betrayer within his own house.


This was a surprisingly good film!  I really wasn’t expecting much when it arrived in the mail, most films with Rarescope plastered on it have turned out to be disappointing.  However Face Behind the Mask turned out to be entertaining and it was nice to see Lo Leih play a protagonist for a change!  The story wasn’t overly complicated but was interesting and might have been better with some descent translations as the subtitles were a bit odd at times.  The action choreography was middle range, not too cheesy but not spectacular either but it did keep me engaged and I didn’t feel the need to grab my phone to see if I had any emails.

I rented the film from Love Film, it used the original audio track with embedded subtitles.  The quality was grainy with flecks on the screen but that only seem to add to the old school charm of this film.


Hsu Feng (Dragon Inn, Dragon Gate, 18 Shaolin Disciples) as Chi Mu Tan
Yueh Hua (Princess Iron Fan, Come Drink with Me, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) as Hsiao Meng-Fei
Lo Lieh (The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre, Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman) as Leng Yen-Ching
Ma Ju-Lung (Half a Loaf of Kung Fu) as Third Brother
Woo Kei (The Invincible Iron Palm) as Chi Tien-Wei
Kao Ming (The Iron Buddha, Six Assassins, The Invincible Swordswoman) as Tung Ling-Hu
Chui Git (The Sword) as Maid
Miao Tian (Dragon Inn, A Touch of Zen, Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin) as Yu
Sit Hon (A Touch of Zen, The Magnificent Chivalry, A Sword Named Revenge) as Lei
Lee Man-Tai (The Invincible Iron Palm, The Rendezvous of Warriors) as Szu-Tu Ming
Lin Chao-Hsiung (Three Shaolin Musketeers, Half a Loaf of Kung Fu) as Chen Hiu
Hsiao Yao (18 Shaolin Disciples, Boxer Rebellion, The Legend of All Men Are Brothers) as Fifth Brother



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