Deadly Silver Spear (1977)

First off let me say that Deadly Silver Spear (a.k.a. Shaolin’s Silver Spear, Deadly Kung Fu Lady) is not unwatchable but it is close.  At this time in Jimmy Wang Yu’s career he was banned from filming in Hong Kong due to a breach in contract with the Shaw Brothers Studio.  After which time he did films mainly in Taiwan, many of them with Golden Harvest.  Sadly this isn’t one of those films.   This film was clearly made to make money off of Jimmy Wan Yu’s name and previous films however the movie didn’t do justice to Jimmy Wan Yu and he certainly didn’t do justice to the film.  The best I can say for Deadly Silver Spear is it had potential to be really good, however the formulaic plot, the progression fights leading to the boss, then finally a MacGuffin Device at the end which tried to be a new version of a Flying Guillotine was just lazy.  However Deadly Silver Spear could make an excellent 50 episode wuxia television drama!

Even some of the Action was sloppy which is truly shocking considering Lau Kar-Wing was the Action Director. The version I watched was streamed from Amazon Prime.  It contained the original Mandarin audio with embedded English subtitles. However it was formatted for Television before wide screens so it was squared (if that makes any sense to you). If you are a Jimmy Wan Yu fan then by all means watch Deadly Silver Spear, or if you enjoy low budget films.  If you don’t enjoy either of those then you could give this film a miss.  It wasn’t the worse I have watched (Legendary Amazons) but I have seen many films that are much better.



Sung Ting-Mei, director
Chen Chu-Huang, Script
Lau Kar-Wing, Action Director

Jimmy Wang Yu (One-Armed Boxer, Golden Swallow, One-Armed Swordsman) as Lung Fei Yung/Silver Spear
Hsu Feng (Dragon Gate, Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue) as Hsiao Lan
Kan Ti-Men (Bronze Head and Steel Arm, Return of the Chinese Boxer) as The “Master”
Hsiao Yao (The Master Sword, 18 Shaolin Disciples, Shaolin Heroes) as Tung Si Yu’s servant
Hsieh Hsing (The Invincible, The Shaolin Avengers, Magnificent Wanderers) as Sung
Cheung Chung-Kwai (Night of the Assassins, One-armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine) as Assassin
Au Lap-Bo (The Begging Swordsman, Dragon Gate, The 18 Bronzemen) as Dungeon guard
Ko Chun-Pang (One Armed Swordsman Against Nine Killers) as Tung Si Yu

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