Magnificent Wanderers (1977)

Magnificent Wanderers (aka Magnificent Kung Fu Warriors) is considered by many to be one of Chang Cheh’s worst films ever. Even with Wu Ma helping directing many critics just don’t care for Magnificent Wanderers.  Personally I found it better than Five Element Ninjas with the crazy disco costumes. There really isn’t anything special about the plot at all which is a disappointment because the characters in the film would have worked really well with a more original plot.

I liked the characters, although Alexander Fu Sheng’s comedic moments were not his best.  Could have been the script but they were not as polished as I’ve seen him do in other movies. Chi Kuan-Chun’s quite strong man character was probably the least imaginative out of the four but he still added something to the movie.  Li Yi-Min’s acrobatic character was probably my favourite out of the four, why walk when you can do multiple flips? Finally Chang Cheh’s rich man who helps the rebellion was fun and I like the use of the bow sling.




Chang Cheh, Director, Script
Wu Ma, Co-Director
Ni Kuang, script
Hsieh Hsing, Action Director
Chan San-Yat, Action Director

David Chiang Da-Wei (The Wandering Swordsman, The New One-Armed Swordsman, Once Upon a Time in China II) as Chu Tie Xia
Alexander Fu Sheng (Five Shaolin Masters, Shaolin Martial Arts, The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter) as Lin Shao You
Chi Kuan-Chun (Men from the Monastery, Eagle’s Claw and Butterfly Palm, Seven Swords) as Shi Da Yong
Li Yi-Min (Shaolin Temple, The Brave Archer, Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist) as Guan Fei
Shan Mao (Golden-Headed Eagle, The Fierce Fist, The Shaolin Avengers) as Mongol General Lu Bo Hua
Yeung Chung-Man (Death Trap) as Mongol General Zhu Da Cheng
Lee Ying (The Monkey Goes West, Marco Polo, Invincible Buddhism Kung Fu) as Mongol leader

Far East Films review

Cool Ass Cinema review, you have to scroll down to #4





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