Tai Chi Master (1993)

Tai Chi Master (aka Twin Warriors) is another great example of martial arts films that was made in the 90’s.  I unfortunately have the Dimension Films release which not only renamed it to Twin Warriors but also changed the music score, edited the film from the original and worst of all only offers an English Dubbing.  I really must get this film from the Dragon Dynasty or CineAsia release which offers it as the original uncut with  Cantonese soundtrack and audio. I really should update my video library one of these days.

Tai Chi Master is a great action film.  The plot is one that is repeated often in the 90’s based around a rebellion against a corrupt eunuch. However there is also the added story between Shang Jun Biao and his life long friend Dong Tian Biao.  One is on a path of righteousness while the other is on the path of selfish desires. This is truly a Jet Li classic as well as one of Yuen Wo-Ping’s who rarely fails to impress with his action choreography.  The fight scenes are very entertaining and they do not get redundant as many movies can with as many fights. The comedy in the film is also done well without feeling forced.  My only complaint is that the actress Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying seemed to be a big part in the beginning of the film but then just kind of faded out of the second half.  I personally would have liked to have seen more involvement with this character.  If you have not seen Tai Chi Master then I suggest you find a way to watch it!



Yuen Wo-Ping, Director, Action Director
Kim Yip Kwong-Kim, Script
Yuen Cheung-Yan, Action Director
Ku Huen-Chiu, Action Director

Jet Li Lian-Jie (Shaolin Temple, Once Upon a Time in China, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) as Shang Jun Biao
Michelle Yeoh (Magnificent Warriors, Butterfly Sword, Reign of Assassins) as Qiu Xue (Falling Snow)
Chin Siu-Ho (The Brave Archer and His Mate, Mr. Vampire, Fist of Legend, The Lost Bladesman) as Dong Tian Biao
Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying (Swordsman I & II) as Xiao Dong Gua (Little Melon)
Yue Hoi (Shaolin Temple, Kids from Shaolin, Martial Arts of Shaolin, Shaolin) as Head Master
Yuen Cheung-Yan (Have Sword, Will Travel, Killer Clans, The Grandmaster) as Taoist Priest Ling
Lau Shun (A Chinese Ghost Story II, Once Upon a Time in China, The East is Red, The Legend of Zu) as Biao’s sifu
Chow Gam-Kong (Mad Monkey Kung Fu, The Prodigal Son, King of Beggars) as Rebel
Sun Jian-Kui (Martial Arts of ShaolinFlying Swords of Dragon Gate, The White-Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom) as Royal Eunuch Liu Jin
Ho Wing-Cheung (Five Element Ninjas, The East Is Red, Fist of Legend) as rascal

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