Nukenin (2009)

Nukenin (a.k.a. Rogue Ninja, Fugitive Ninja) is a Japanese Chanbara Film (Sword Fighting) from the director of Alien vs. Ninja. This is a low budget Ninja film takes place during the 16th century and deals with internal conflicts of a ninja clan.

I admit I shut this film off during the middle of it as it just didn’t seem to be going anywhere at all.  This is saying a lot because I like low budget ‘B’ movies.  The action was fun to watch but I need a plot that is a bit thicker than watered down chicken broth.  I may try to finish it some other time. Available to rent from LoveFilm an Amazon company.


Seiji Chiba, Director

Mika Hijii (Alien vs. Ninja, Garo: Red Requiem, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear) as Ukagami
Izumi Masayuki
Tatsumi Natsuko (Samurai Princess, Alien vs. Ninja)


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