The Sword with No Name (2009)

The Sword with No Name is based on a fictionalized account of Empress Myeongseong and was very well received in Korea. It takes place during the Joseon Dynasty (late 1800’s). I’ve not seen any of the actors before and I thought their performance was great!  I’m split on the action scenes.  Many of it is really well done and some of it used CGI that made it look more like a video game.  However the acting and the very high production of the movie more than made up for a few poor scenes.  The locations and sets are stunning!  The costumes are also quite amazing! Certainly a movie worth watching.



Jo Seung-woo as Mu-myeong (literally “Nameless”)
Soo Ae as Min Ja-young, later Empress Myeongseong
Chun Ho-jin as Daewongun, Gojong’s father
Choi Jae-woong as Noe-jeon
Kim Young-min as Emperor Gojong
Park Min-hee as Mi Woo-ra
Go Soo-hee as So-hee
Song Hee-yeon as Dae-doo
Lee Yong-nyeo as Court lady Choi
Yoon Young-bae as Min Young-ik
Bong Man-dae as Lee Saeng-won/Ji Kyeong-chool
Lee Joo-sil as Ja-young’s mother
Kim So-hee as Mu-myeong’s mother
Lee Joon-myeong as young Mu-myeong
Yeo Moo-young as Prime Minister
Sophie Broustal as Isabel

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