New Tale of Zatoichi (1963)

I couldn’t find a normal theatrical trailer for the film.

New Tail of Zatoichi is the third installment of the long running series.  Ichi goes back to his home village Kasamon and runs into people he knows from Tame his childhood friend to  his old Sword master Banno. He also runs into Kanbei’s brother (Kanbei was the Yakuza boss from The Tale of Zatoichi Continues).  Soon Ichi is having problems with everyone both friends and foe is this delightful movie.

Shintaro Katsu does a great job in the film as he does in all 26 Zatoichi films!


Shintaro Katsu as Zatoichi
Mikiko Tsubouchi as Yayoi
Seizaburō Kawazu as Banno
Fujio Suga as Yasuhiko
Mieko Kondo as Inn keeper’s wife
Chitose Maki as Tame’s wife
Tatsuo Endô as Inn keeper
Gen Kimura as Sekiya yakuza member with large mark on his face
Kanae Kobayashi as Old lady going deaf
Yutaka Nakamura as Yasuhiko’s brother



The film is the first Zatoichi film to be in colour.

Filmic review

The Dullwood Experiment review



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