The Idiot Swordsman (1979)

Also called Drunken Swordsman, Drunken Dragon Strikes Back, and Idle Swordsman.

A case of mistaken identity and an old debt to settle leads to fun movie to watch even if it is predictable.  The copy I watched was rented from LoveFilm UK it was formatted for older Televisions so the picture was square rather than wide screen and it appeared to have been taken from an old VHS and placed on a DVD. Only English dubbed and no subtitles. The sound quality was also poor.

The acting was alright, it certainly was comedic in spots including the action choreography.  Yueh Hu played yet another character named “Drunken Knight” the first was in Come Drink with Me.  There was some bad editing in some of the fight sequences, wether this was intentional or a later edit I don’t know.  For a low budget film I think they did a pretty good job.

Sek Fung (Chinese Kung Fu, Legend of Lu Xiao-Fong) as the Drunken Knight imposter
Yueh Hua (Come Drink with Me, Dragon Swamp, Crippled Kung Fu Boxer) as the real Drunken Knight
Nancy Yen Nan-See  (The Fearless Golden Dragon, The 7 Grandmasters, The Guy with Secret Kung-Fu)
Lo Lieh (The Flying Dagger, The 14 Amazons, Flying Dagger)
Lung Fei (Iron Fan and Magic Sword, A Touch of Zen, World of the Drunken Master)
Wen Chiang-Long (The Death Duel, 18 Shaolin Disciples, 18 Fatal Strikes)
Chiang Ching-Hsia (Blind Swordswoman, Dragon Gate, Immortal Warriors)
O Yau-Man (Dragon Inn, The Swordsman of All Swordsmen, Iron Neck Li )


Far East Films review


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