Yamada – The Way Of The Samurai (2011)

Also known as The Samurai of Ayothaya and Muay Thai Warrior.  This Thailand film finds a Japanese Samurai in Ayaothaya (what is now Thailand) who is stationed with other Japanese warriors to help the King of Siam defeat his enemies.  One thing leads to another and Yamada Nagamasa finds himself attacked by a rogue Japanese element and saved by members of the Kings bodyguard.  Now what I enjoyed about this film is it is not about Yamada learning Muay Thai and regaining his honor, it’s about his journey and him becoming a member of the Ayaothaya people.  The end battle, although mostly entertaining, really seemed like an after thought compared to the bulk of the film.

The action, when using Thai Kickboxing, is brutal and well choreographed.  It is worth watching the film for these bits alone.  However once swords are being used it looses all credibility.  The choreography for the sword play isn’t well done.  The graphics when stabbing through someone looked cartoonish as well as all of the “blood”.  So the film lost marks with me for that.  However the story was good, the character development of Yamada is good, however it could have been better with the rest of the cast.


Nopporn Watin, Director
Yuttana Muenvaja, Action Director
Thanawut Kasro, Action Director
Ramai Moriphan, Action Director

Seigi Ozeki (The Man with the Iron Fists 2) as Yamada Nagamasa
Kanokkorn Jaicheun as Jumpaa
Sorapong Chatree (Ong-bak 2 & 3) as Phra Khruu
Winai Kraibutr as King Naresuan
Thanawut Ketsaro as Khaam
Buakaw Banchamek as Ai-Seua

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The film features renowned Muay Thai boxers Buakaw Banchamek, Saenchai, Yodsanklai Fairtex, and Anuwat Kaewsamrit along with the main cast of actors.




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