Ip Man 3 (2015)

The third and final installment of the Ip Man trilogy is, despite my apprehensions, very good!  I was very worried about the addition of Mike Tyson in the film but he really isn’t the main focus of the film at all. There is much more character development between Ip Man and his wife Cheung Wing-Sing.  Over all I thing this was the better story, even though I don’t think Mike Tyson was necessary.  The action was amazing and was extremely enjoyable to watch! Yuen Wo-Ping really outdid himself with the Action Choreography!

Danny Chan plays Bruce Lee, he played Bruce Lee in the 2008 The Legend of Bruce Lee TV series but many people will remember him from Shaolin Soccer where he plays “Empty/Lighting Hand” the goalie (or again the Bruce Lee impersonator).

Venom Mob member Lo Mang reprises his role as Master Law, which he played in Ip Man 2.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised.


Wilson Yip (The White Dragon, Ip Man 1-3), Director

Yuen Wo-Ping (Drunken Master, Iron Monkey, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Action Director

Donnie Yen (Once Upon a Time in China II, New Dragon Gate Inn, Hero)as Yip Man, Chinese martial arts master on Wing-chun Fist. Ip Chun and Ip Ching’s father.

Zhang Jin (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Grandmaster, Rise of the Legend) as Cheung Tin-chi, A martial artist from the same school with Ip Man, he is a rickshaw puller for a survival before opening a martial art school.

Lynn Hung (Ip Man 1-3) as Cheung Wing-Sing, Ip Man’s wife; Ip Chun and Ip Ching’s mother.

Patrick Tam (The Legend of Zu, The Duel, Storm Warriors) as Ma King-sang, Former disciple of a martial artist, local Triad leader.

Karena Ng as Miss Wong, Ip Ching’s school teacher.

Kent Cheng (Once Upon a Time in China, Ip Man 2, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (1978 tv series))as Fat Po, Head of the British Hong Kong Police and friend of Yip Man.

Bryan Leung as (Five Shaolin Masters, Enter the Fat Dragon, Kung Fu Cult Master, Saving General Yang) Tin Ngo-san

Louis Cheung (The Legend Is Born – Ip Man) as Tsui Lik

Danny Chan (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, The Legend of Bruce Lee) as Bruce Lee

Mike Tyson as Frank: The head of the Triad.

Tats Lau (The God of Cookery) as Principal

Babyjohn Choi (SPL 2: A Time of Consequences) as Newspaper reporter

Yu Kang (The Twins Effect, Wu Xia, The Lost Bladesman) as Master Tam

Lo Mang (The Brave Archer, The Five Venoms, Bastard Swordsman) as Master Law

Leung Siu-hung as (Monkey Kung Fu, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, Ip Man) Master Lee

Chen Chao (Bodyguards and Assassins) as Master Chan

Sarut Khanwilai as Thai Boxer

Love HK Film Review

Roger Ebert review



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