Duel of the Tough (1981)

Also known as Duel of Tao Toughs is a comedy martial arts action film and is sold as part of the Wu Tang Collection.  Sadly there is not a lot of information about the film online. The story is pretty good with our hero out to retrieve the stolen Buddhist Scriptures for the temple.  Along the way he meets a gender bending swordswoman and falls in love, and takes on the villains.

The biggest problem with the plot is the inconsistency with the main character. First fight he has iron skin and nothing hurts him, but then it never comes up again.  The next fight he attempts (and very poorly) drunken boxing.  I try to tell myself that he was doing it ironically. Then later he appears to be doing tiger style, again poorly.  So they didn’t really appear to have a plan with the character.  Apart from that it was fun film to watch and Mike Wong Lung was very funny in the comedic parts.

The last problem is an old complaint.  English dubbed and no subtitles. The audio quality of my DVD is not the greatest either. I would certainly watch the film if you had the chance, with a few exceptions the fight scenes were good and the story isn’t bad.  Certainly something to watch on a lazy weekend day.

Mike Wong Lung (Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu, Shaolin Drunken Monkey) as Wong the cheeky martial artist with a lot of spirit
Jackie Chow Kong  (only movie credit)
Bruce Cheung Mong (Lone Shaolin Avenger, Dragon from Shaolin), as the main villian
Carrie Lee Ying-Ying (Lone Shaolin Avenger, Lady Snake Fist), as Chin the female swordswoman
Steve Mak Fei-Hung (10 Magnificent Killers, Iron Fisted Eagle’s Claw, Disciples of the 36th Chamber)
Kei Ho-Chiu (A Touch of Zen, Heroes of the East, The Prodigal Son )
Eagle Han Ying (The Fearless Hyena, Revenge of Drunken Master)
Kwon Il-Soo (Deadly Kick, Stranger from Shaolin, Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws)
Yoon Il-Ju (Rage of the Dragon, South Shaolin Vs North Shaolin)
Kwon Sung-Young (Shaolin Drunken Monkey, 7-Star Grand Mantis)
Lung Ho-Yu




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