The Brave Archer 2 (1978)

The sequel to Shaw Brothers The Brave Archer (1977) adapted from Louis Cha’s novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes and lovingly  restored by Celestial Pictures Limited. You can purchase the movie on iTunes, Google, YouTube, or stream it on Hulu if you’re in the U.S.A. or Amazon Prime Videos is you’re in the UK (I’m not sure about other countries so take a look!).  Alexander Fu Sheng reprises his role as Kuo Tsing (Guo Jing) as the movie starts off where the last one ended.  I have to hand it to Ni Kuang who wrote the screenplay, it isn’t easy to cram so much of the Legend of the Condor Heroes into just three movies and still get most of it crammed in.

The movie starts out just after Kuo Tsing (Guo Jing) gets kicked off of Peach Blossom Island and ends with Huang Rong (Huang Yung) assuming temporary leadership of the Beggar Clan. Some of the narration is quick and filled with lots of information and images.  I had to pause and rewind a couple of times to catch it all. It is a fantastic story with wonderful acting and action.  There are a few of Chang Cheh’s signature costumes (bright and metallic or homo erotic) however it is tone downed as they are in the first movie compared to some of his more outlandish stuff like Five Element Ninjas. They also ripped of the music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I couldn’t help getting images of Graham Chapman riding an imaginary horse!

I’m very impressed with Celestial Pictures Limited for their dedication to restore these wonderful films with the original Cantonese dialogue and using English Subtitles instead of dubbing.  Amazing film, worth watching!  The 110 minutes flew by so quickly I was shocked when it was over!


Alexander Fu Sheng (The Fourteen Amazons, Shaolin Martial Arts, The Deadly Breaking Sword) as Kuo Tsing (Guo Jing), called Tsing-Er by his teachers

Li Yi-Min (Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Iron Claws, The 7 Grandmasters) as Yang Kang

Ku Kuan-chung (The Spiritual Boxer, The Sentimental Swordsman, Bastard Swordsman) as Huang Yaoshi

Niu-niu (Swift Sword, The Brave Archer Part III) as Huang Rong (Huang Yung), she replaces actress Tien Niu from the first movie.

Yu Hoi-Lun (credited as Helen Yu) (Swordsman and Enchantress, The Brave Archer Part II ) as Iron Corpse Mui Chiu-Fung (Mei Chaofeng). Pupil of Eastern Evil

Johnny Wang Lung-Wei (Five Shaolin MastersCrippled Avengers, The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter) as Western Poison Ouyang Fung (Ouyang Feng)

Danny Lee Sau-Yin (The Water Margin, The Brave Archer Part II, The Sword Stained with Royal Blood) as Ouyang Ke, Western Poison’s pupil

Ku Feng (The Twin Swords, Golden Swallow, Legend of the Drunken Tiger) as The Northern Beggar; The Nine Fingered Beggar Hung Chi Kung

Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung (Masked AvengersA Chinese Ghost StoryThe Bride with White Hair) as Chao Pai-Tun, the Popes Brother

Tsai Hung (credited as Cai Hong) (Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Swords) as Chun Er or Flying Bat (1st Weird 7) Kuo Tsing’s Teacher,

Lam Fai-Wong (credited as Lin Huei-Huang) (Disciples of Shaolin, Soul of the Sword, Disciples of the 36th Chamber) as Scholar Chu (2nd Weird 7)

Lo Meng (credited as Luo Kuen Lin) (The Kid with the Golden Arm, The Daredevils, Five Element Ninjas) as Han Bau-Jiu (3rd Weird 7)

Jamie Luk Kim-Ming (credited as Lu Jian-Min) (Boxer Rebellion, The Sentimental Swordsman) as Nan Xi-Ren (4th Weird 7)

Lu Feng (credited as Lu Chu-Feng) (Ten Tigers of Kwantung, Two Champions of Shaolin) as Chang Ah-Sheng (5th Weird 7)

Chow Git (credited as Jou Jie) as Han Xiao-Yin (7th Weird 7)

Dick Wei (credited as Tu Chi-Lung) (The Avenging Eagle, The Prodigal Son) as Yang Tieh-Sin

Kara Hui Ying-Hung (credited as Kara Hui) (Clan of Amazons, Dirty Ho, Wu Xia) as Mu Nian-Zhi

Yue Wing (credited as Yu Yong) (The Mad Monk, The Brave Archer Part II) as Jin 6th Prince / Yuan Ngan Hung Lit, Yang Kang’s Step Father

Fan Mei-Sheng (One-Armed Swordsman, The Fourteen Amazons, Flying Guillotine, Part II) as Odd Immortal Liang Ze Weng (Leung Sin-Yung) Prince Chiu ‘s three grandmaster

Chan Shen (Six Assassins, The Young Avenger, The Web of Death) as Spiritual Wisdom Ling Tze, Prince Chiu ‘s three grandmaster

Shirley Yu Sha-Li as Kuk’s silly daughter

Chan Shen (The 14 Amazons, The Web of Death, The Brave Archer) as Spiritual Wisdom

Suen Shu-Pau (credited as Sun Shu-Pei) ( The Brave Archer, The Five Venoms, Invincible Shaolin) as Sha Tung Tin




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