Eagle’s Claw (1978)

I just rented this from LoveFilm.com (now owned by Amazon), it is one of the few places I can physically rent old martial arts films.  Good film with a nice twist on a standard plot.  Two schools find themselves at odds, one is the Eagle’s Claw a righteous school. The other is Mantis Fist who is out to destroy Eagle’s Claw.  Revenge, traitors, romance, the film has a little bit of everything.

I only really recognized Leung Kar Yan (a.k.a. Bryan Leung or Beardy).everyone else was new to me.  It certainly is worth watching.  The DVD I had was English Dubbed with no subtitles and substandard Audio quality.

Chi Kwan Chun (Five Shaolin Masters, Snake Shadow, Lama Fist) as Chen Tien Chun, senior disciple turned traitor

Wong Tao (Shaolin Iron Claws, 18 Swirling Riders) as Li Chi, second disciple who becomes leader of Eagle’s Claw School

Chang Yu  (Dragon Gate, 18 Bronzemen, The Moon Warriors ) as Chow Ma Wu head of the Mantis style school

Philip Kao (The Water Margin, Return of the Chinese Boxer,)

Leung Kar Yan (The Shaolin Avengers, Seven Swordsman, True Legend, Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008) as Student of Mantis Style.  He didn’t even get a name! as Student of Mantis Style.

Yu Chung-Chiu (Dragon Gate Swordsman, The Iron Man, Flying Swallow) as Yang Chung Master of the Eagle’s Claw

Hwa Ling (Avenging Boxer, Shaolin Iron Claws) as Yang Chung’s daughter

Siu Yiu (18 Shaolin Disciples, Shaolin Heroes) as Hsiao Lu


Eagle’s Claw review

HK Cimemagic


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