The Legend of Zu tv series (2015) Ep 1

I own the original Zu: Warriors from the Magical Mountain (1983), I have seen the Zu Warriors (2001) remake several times and honestly I would love to own it but I refuse to purchase any but the HK version as the western version from Lion Gate hacked over 20 minutes off from the original film. However the HK version is hard to find nowadays.  So you can imagine my joy when I heard there was going to be The Legend of Zu tv series with 54 episodes!

First thoughts is it is a lot like Legend of the Ancient Sword.  The costumes and weapons all looked like they were borrowed from their prop department. There is an evil magic object that bonds with a person leaving them to have to go into seclusion just like in LotAS. The series is obviously geared for early to mid teenagers, however there is nothing wrong with the acting and the action is certainly entertaining.  I have the same problem with this series as I did with Legend of the Ancient Sword which is the overly bright costumes and weapons.  I’ve seen many comments complaining that it seems more like a Power Rangers show because of these.  Personally I think those comments are a bit ridiculous but I can understand where they are coming with when the Sword Sect members make gestures and colorful weapons appear magically in their hands.

After watching this first episode I’ve decided I’m going to stick with it and watch the entire series as I have a feeling the story will draw me in


Episode 1

These are going to be really brief synopsis and I’m only going to mention the most important parts of the episodes as well as a list of characters who appear in them.  We get a bit of a backstory about the Scarlet Soul Stone and how it is activated every 24 years.  We learn that the Mt. Zu Sword Sect has protected/guarded the stone for 240 years.  It is now the late Ming Dynasty where our story starts.  Zhuge Yu Wo’s appointment ceremony is interrupted by Shangguan Jing Wo who has bonded with the Red Soul Stone.  I fight starts but is then interrupted by Su Yin who informs Jing Wo she is pregnant. The fight continues and Zhuge Yu Wo uses his Chi skills to extract the Scarlet Soul Stone from Jing Wo’s body, however a chip flies off of the stone and into the distance. The rest of the stone merges with Zhuge Yu Wo’s body. Jing Wo and Su Yin escape.

Zhuge Yu Wo goes into seclusion to help resist the evil of the Scarlet Soul Stone and Senior Brother Gongsun Wu Wo is placed in charge.   He sends members of the sect to search for the chipped piece of the Stone but to no avail.  Fast forward another 24 years and a plague has taken the land. Two unnamed Mt Zu Sword Sect disciples and a muskrat named Xiao Bao are sent to undercover the source of the plague.  They encounter a demon who calls herself  Green Cape Honored One.  She has been stealing the blood of humans.  Mt Zu sends Zhour Qing Yun and Qi Er to assist. During the same time at Wo Yun Village where Da Li is going through a berserk rage, only a hug from his wife Xiao Yu can bring him to his senses.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 6.46.10 PM

Da Li in a illness induced rage

Wo Yun Village is having a lantern festival and it is interupted by a beggar named Zhang Xian Bing. He is taken in by Da Li and Xiao Yu.  Nearby Qing Yun and Qi Er encounter a different demon. The first two disciples join with them and the four of them fight the deomon who manages to escape but leaves behind an object which explodes in a bright light.


*Daoist Tai Qing Zhenren (played by Zong Feng Yan[The Four tv series, Romance of the Condor Heroes 2015, ]) – Founder of the Mt Zu Sword Sect

*Zhuge Yu Wo (played by Li Jin Rong [Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003]) – 70th generation disciple and newly appointed leader of the Mt Zu Sword Sect

*Gongsun Wu Wo (played by Louis Fan [Ip Man, Flying Swords of Dragon GateThe Bride with White Hair tv series]) – Senior elder brother of the Mt Zu Sword Sect and placed in charge while Zhuge Yu Wo is in seclusion.

*Shangguan Jing Wo (played by Nicky Wu[Battle of Wits, Treasure Venture, The Bride with White Hair tv series]) – A junior brother of the sect who has escaped a magical imprisonment in Subdued Evil Valley, secretly learned Blood Shadow Martial Arts,

*Su Yin (played by Han Yu Qin) – Junior member who was suppose to marry Zhuge Yu Wo but runs off with Jing Wo as she is carrying his baby.

*Ding Da Li (played by William Chan [The Four tv series]) – An orphan with tremendous physical strength and a sickness which makes him go berserk. He grew up in Wo Yun Village near Mt. Zu

*Wang Pang Zi (played by _______) a fat villager from Wo Yun and friends with Da Li

*Xiao Yu (played by ______) is Da Li’s wife

*Xiao Bao a white muskrat that can sense demons

*Green Cape Honored One (played by ______)- a female demon

*Zhou Qing Yun (played by Janice Man) a disciple of Qi Xia Peak (Mt Zu Sword Sect)

*Qi Er (played by ______) a disciple of Mt Zu, accompanies Zhou Qing Yun

*Zhang Xian Bing (played by Ye Zu Xin) a beggar a sole survivor of a plagued village.  Taken in by Da Li and Xiao Yu

*Two unnamed Male and Female disciples of the sword sect.

*Unnamed Demon with fishy smell.

(* indicates newly introduced character)
Zu 1

Nicky Wu as Shangguan Jing Wo


Life with Dramas offers a great episode guide.


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