Seven Swordsmen (TV Series 2006)

The Seven Swordsmen TV Series was the second Wuxia series I owned on DVD.  I’m a big fan of Tsui Hark and the movie Seven Swords.  So when I found out that the TV series was made into a box set with English Subtitles I was pretty happy!

8 DVD’s 34 episodes with 45 minutes per episode. The story takes place in 17th century China as the Manchu’s invade the Ming Empire.  The story revolves around the Seven Swordsmen who try to save the villagers from the Manchu’s.  There is some badly done romance in the series and that is my largest complaint.  There is also a huge amount of characters and side stories as well.  I can only imagine that they tried to stay as true to the book as possible but I did find it a bit distracting.

The main story is simple, fun and entertaining,  The costumes are well done, the locations are mostly desert, dry arid land, and mountains.  I enjoyed the action and most of the acting.  There are quite a few well seasoned actors in this series and some that just didn’t do it for me.  Li Xiaoran as Nalan Minghui and her relationship with Yang Yuncong was probably my least enjoyable part in the series.

According to they were planing to expand it from 30-60 episodes then to 74 episodes. I wish they would have done so, it would probably have made all the side stories less confusing.

There was suppose to be several more series added for both Film and TV but neither did as well as expected so no more where made.

Unfortunately I was unable to find many good pictures from the series.  My computer only allows R2 discs so I could not get screen shots from my PC. I suppose after 11 years I shouldn’t have expected to find any screen shots.

I personally liked the series despite a few flaws.  However I am a fan boy about Liang Yusheng’s universe so if your looking for pure perfection you won’t find it here.


Vincent Zhao (Once Upon a Time in China IV, The Blade, True Legend) as Chu Zhaonan, the wielder of the Dragon.

Wang Xuebing (The Lost Bladesman, ) as Yang Yuncong, the wielder of the Transience.

Ji Chunhua (The Lost Bladesman, Fong Sai-yuk II, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) as Xin Longzi, the wielder of the Star Chasers.

Qiao Zhenyu (The Book and the Sword TV series 2008, Confucius) as Mulang, the wielder of the Sun and Moon.

Zhang Bo (Three Kingdoms tv Series 2010) as Han Zhibang, the wielder of the Deity.

Sang Weilin (Royal Tramp tv series, Shaolin) as Wu Yuanying, the wielder of the Heaven’s Fall.

Yu Chenghui (Shaolin Temple, A Battle of Wits, The Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 tv series) as Fu Qingzhu, the wielder of the Unlearnt.

Ray Lui (The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain tv series, Project A Part II, 7 Assassins) as Dokado, a Manchu prince and the primary antagonist in the story.

Ada Choi (The Romance of the White Hair Maiden tv series, Fist of Legend) as Feihongjin (Flying Red Sash), the leader of the Desert Eagles.

Li Xiaoran (Dragon Tiger Gate, Wu Xia) as Nalan Minghui, Nalan Xiuji’s daughter and Yang Yuncong’s love interest.

Wang Likun as Liu Yufang, Liu Jingyi’s daughter.

Bryan Leung (Five Shaolin Masters, 7 Assassins, The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 tv series) as Liu Jingyi, the chief of Martial Village.  That is right, Beardy himself is in this.


Yu Chenghui as Fu Qingzhu

The Kinggab Review



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