The Assassins (2012)

The Assassins gave a different look at the tyrant Cao Cao, they added a bit of humanity to the man where most film just portray him as an unfeeling monster.  Although he is still not a good man in the film.  This takes place during the Three Kingdoms era.

The acting was good although I didn’t know who most of the actors in this film where.  The costume design are amazing.  Truly wonderful looking although not accurate for 210 BC.  I’m not a historian but I’m pretty sure China was not making fluted plate mail armor at that point in time.  But it was pretty to look at.  The sets and locations were also what you would expect from a high budget film.  Overall I found The Assassins to be a good film although it does stray from the original telling of The Three Kingdoms.

TA 2

Alec Su as Emperor Xian

Chow Yun-fat (The Postman Strikes Back, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Curse of the Golden Flower) as Cao Cao

Liu Yifei (The Four, Return of the Condor Heroes, The Forbidden Kingdom) as Lingju / Diaochan

Hiroshi Tamaki as Mu Shun

Alec Su (The Four 3, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2002 TV series), as Emperor Xian of Han

Annie Yi (The Spirit of the Swords) as Empress Fu Shou

Qiu Xinzhi as Cao Pi

Yao Lu (Confucius) as Ji Ben

Ni Dahong (Curse of the Golden Flower, The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom) as Fu Wan

Chi Cheng as Xu Chu

Qu Quancheng as Cao Zhi

Bao Jianfeng as Lü Bu

Peng Jingci as Cao Xiu

Guo Jinfei as Chen Meng

Tian Ruihui as Mu Yan


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TA 3

Hiroshi Tamaki as Mu Shun


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