14 Blades (2010)

14 Blades is a fun action film that takes place during the late Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).  The Emperor has a secret police called Jinyiwei (which is true), which he sends to retrieve an object of great importance. Qinglong must deliver the object to the Emperor while being chased by Prince Qing’s men and being framed by traitors within the Forbidden City. Qinglong employs the Justice Escort Agency to aid him in his mission.


I really enjoyed 14 Blades the story is filled with adventure, excitement, and action.  The action isn’t as grand as you would see in other martial arts films.  I believe most of the actors are not dedicated martial artists but it didn’t take away anything from the film.  My main complaint is that you don’t actually get to see all 14 blades and most of them served more as ritual or traditional purposes so I don’t see the point in Qinglong having to carry all 14 with him wherever he goes.  The container he stored them in was pretty neat.  The story is simple and a little weak but I was entertained so I’d recommend it.  I’ve been told that I’m easily pleased when it comes to fantasy/wuxia/sword & sandal films so take my recommendation at that value I guess.


The cast was well done and it was fun to see Damian Lau in a movie again.

Donnie Yen (Once Upon a Time in China II, Iron Monkey,  Seven Swords) as Qinglong

Zhao Wei (Red Cliff, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, Treasure Venture) as Qiao Hua

Sammo Hung (The Iron Fisted Monk, The Prodigal Son, Rise of the Legend) as Prince Qing

Wu Chun (Saving General Yang) as Judge of the Desert

Kate Tsui (Bodyguards and Assassins) as Tuotuo

Qi Yuwu (Painted Skin, Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng) as Xuanwu

Damian Lau (Last Hurrah for ChivalryZu – Warriors from the Magic Mountain, Duel to the Death) as Zhao Shenyan

Wu Ma (The One-Armed Swordsman, A Chinese Ghost Story IIDeadful Melody) as Qiao Yong

Law Kar-ying (The Sorcerer and the White Snake, A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box, Painted Skin Tv series) as Jia Jingzhong

Chen Kuan-tai (The Water Margin, The Flying GuillotineWhite Vengeance) as Fawang

Chen Zhihui (Wing ChunFearlessShaolin) as Baihu


Love HK Films review

NY Times review

The Silver Spleen enjoys pointing plot flaws, however I love his reviews.


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