47 Ronin (1994)

[Original Trailer deleted from Youtube]

After watching 47 Ronin (2013) I had to rent a non westernised version of the folk legend. The 1994 version was long (132 minutes) and it was very involved in the story rather than the action like the 2013 fantasy version.  I liked the movie very much and to me it offered exactly what I was looking for, telling me the story of the 47 Ronin.  I’m not as familiar with Japanese movies and actors as I am with Chinese film industry (and even that is at a very basic level) but I can tell you the acting, the directing, sets, costumes were wonderful!  The film did very well and won many awards.  Infact Kiichi Nakai won Best Supporting Actor in the Hochi Film Awards, Awards of the Japanese Academy, and Kinema Junpo Awards!  I am a big fan of Kiichi Nakai having seen him in Warriors of Heaven and Earth and Onmyoji 2.

47R 3

The story itself concerns only with the preparation of the attack upon Kira’s castle and not on the events leading to Lord Asano’s seppuku.  The story of the 47 Ronin loved and honored as much as the Generals Yang in Chinese folklore and this was a very good movie to introduce me to it properly.

The complaint I do have about this film is the subtitling, which is the fault of the distributor so this will not be an issue with every DVD.  It fades way too fast to read multiple lines of dialogue, and they didn’t subtitle writing.

47R 2

Directed by Kon Ichikawa

Ken Takakura (Golgo 13 (1973)) as Kuranosuke Ōishi

Kiichi Nakai (Princess from the Moon, When the Last Sword Is Drawn, Onmyoji 2, Warriors of Heaven and Earthas Matashirō Irobe

Koichi Iwaki as Kazuemon Fuwa

Ryudo Uzaki (G.I. Samurai 1979) as Yasubei Horibe

Tatsuo Matsumura as Yahei Horibe

Misa Shimizu as Hori

47R 4


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