Hero (1997)

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ma Wing Jing

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ma Wing Jing

Hero was written and directed by Corey Yuen and takes place during the end of the Qing Dynasty. The film is a remake of the 1972 Hong Kong action film Boxer from Shantung.  I like Corey Yuen, he has done the action choreography for some of the best films in Hong Kong.  Hero is brilliant film!  Filled with amazing action and stunts, the sets are fantastic and the acting is superb!  As with anything associated with anyone from “The Seven Little Fortunes” there is a good amount of comedy but it is kept separate from the action and the drama. The character development is also very well written by Corey Yuen,  it could have been easy to make these guys as two dimensional as many action films.  I think it holds up quiet well (other than the animatronic horse).  It gives you that sense of danger and excitement that Shanghai is always portrayed as during that time period.

Hero is a very fun action film with some very flushed out characters. Although it didn’t win any awards and has seemed to mostly have been forgotten Hero accomplishes what it sets out to do which is entertain.

Left to right Yuen Wah as Ma Tai Cheung and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ma Wing Jing

Left to right Yuen Wah as Ma Tai Cheung and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Ma Wing Jing

Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers, The Warlords, Red Cliff) as Ma Wing Jing a young man set to prove himself

Yuen Biao (The Prodigal Son, Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain, Deadful Melody) as Tam Sei the biggest gangster in Shanghai who has the British support

Valerie Chow Kar-Ling (The Blade) as Yam Yeung Tien the night club hostess who is in love with Tam Sei

Jessica Hsuan Suen Huen as Kam Ling Tze a young singer who loves Ma Wing Jing

Yuen Wah (Shaolin Intruders, Mr. Vampire, Swordsman) as Ma Tai Cheung the older brother of Ma Wing jing

Corey Yuen Kwai (Fist of Fury, Fong Sai Yuk II, My Father Is a Hero) as Uncle Po, Yam Yeung Tien’s Unlce

Yuen Tak (Bastard Swordsman, The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, The Myth) as Yang Shuang The second biggest gangster in Shanghai.  He has the Police on his side.

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Trivia: Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Corey Yuen, Yuen Tak all attended the  Peking Opera School in Hong Kong along with Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan.  they were known as The Seven Little Fortunes

Trivia: Anita Mui sings the ending credits song. (Kozo 1997)

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