The Masked Avengers (1981)

This movie is now available for digital viewing from Celestial Pictures Limited.  Available on iTunes and Google Play.  They appear to have cleaned it up very nicely and with the original audio! My copy I purchased about thirteen years ago in a bargain bin while visiting Texas.  The quality of my DVD is very poor, the image quality is dark and it’s been formatted for older televisions so it’s squared not widescreen.  Worse yet is that it is English dubbed with no subtitles and no options for listening to it in the original Cantonese.

[Edit October 15, 2015] Just yesterday I noticed Netflix UK have placed Celestial Pictures restored version of The Masked Avengers up.  Original Cantonese and proper English subtitles.  The story is much more coherent then the old copy that I own.  The picture quality is fresh and new and the audio and music score is also much improved from the version I own a great improvement and makes the movie even more enjoyable.  My only complaint is they didn’t subtitle written signs.[end edit]

A gang of ruthless masked assassins and murderers have terrorised for far too long and many families and sects of the pugilist world have organised to put a stop to them! The problem is they all wear masks so no one knows who they are.  Their only clue is they use a signature weapon, the trident.  One by one their number dwindle as the masked murderers remove them before they are found out!  This movies bears strong similarities with 5 Deadly Venoms. There is a mystery involved, the bad guys wear masks, and there is an overall theme to the villains.  This, however, does not take away from the superb skill of the actors during the fight sequences and the end battle is an amazing spectacle of fantastic fight choreography and the martial prowess of these actors!  This film is also much more bloody, violent, and darker than the other ‘Venom’ films.


This film was only available as a bootleg for many years and even doing research on it I find that many websites seem to change the names of the actors and characters making it difficult to get the proper spelling. Checking Wikipedia, IMDB, HKMDB I’ve come up with different names.  Only three of the original Venom Mob are in this film, Philip Kwok, Lu Feng, and Chiang Sheng. They play different roles from what they normally do.  For example Chiang Sheng plays the straight man in the film where normally he plays the comic relief. Many tribute this to the fact that Wei Pai and Sun Chien do not appear in the film.


Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung (The Brave Archer series, 5 Deadly Venoms, Sword Stained with Royal Blood) as Gao Yao the mysterious cook at the Inn.

Chin Siu-Ho (Ten Tigers of Kwangtung, A Battle of Wits, Mr. Vampire) as Zeng Jun a swordsman who befriends Gao Yao and defends him against his own brothers

Chiang Sheng (Crippled Avengers, The Brave Archer series, 5 Deadly Venoms) as Qi Shanyun leader of the organised heroes.

Lu Feng (Brave Archer Series, Invincible Shaolin, 5 Deadly Venoms) as Ling Yunzi the prime suspect as the leader of the masked men based on his wealth.

Chu Ko (18 Secrets of Kung Fu, Sword Stained with Royal Blood, Five Element Ninjas) as Liang Rong

Wong Lik (The Shaolin Avengers, Magnificent Wanderers, Five Element Ninjas) as Fang Zuguang

Director Chang Cheh (One-Armed Swordsman, Golden Swallow, The Brave Archer series)


Cool Ass Cinema Review

Far East Film Review



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