Moon Warriors (1992)

One of the first Wuxia DVD’s I have ever owned (I picked it at random) and a great movie to start out with as it is a Who’s Who of Hong Kong actors!  Directed by Sammo Hung, and staring  Andy Lau,Kenny Bee, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung! Moon Warriors certain help fuel my passion for Wuxia style films!  This movie led me to start collecting movies released in the USA by Tai Seng Entertainment.

From left to right front row: Maggie Cheung as Mo-sin, Andy Lau as Fei, and Kenny Bee as 13th Prince.

From left to right front row: Maggie Cheung as Mo-sin, Andy Lau as Fei, and Kenny Bee as 13th Prince.

Ah Fei (Andy Lau) is a simple fisherman who enjoys practicing martial arts and playing with Hai Wei the neighborhood Orca Whale (I sometime think this part is only in the film so Andy Lau can swim with an Orca). Early in the film Ah Fei is drawn into a feud between members of the royal family which places him, his village and new found comrades in jeopardy. Andy Lau’s performance is fun and carefree and adds a bit of charm to the dire events befalling on the group.  Anita Mui’s performance is as beautiful as ever as the Princess Yuet-nga which contrasts nicely with Magii Chung’s petulant and often angry character. At only 90 minutes long it certainly is not a waste of time and it is not often that you see such great actors all in the same movie.


Andy Lau (The Three Swordsmen, Drunken Master II, Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers, The Warlords) as Fei

Kenny Bee (Armour of GodTwinkle Twinkle Lucky Star) as 13th Prince

Anita Mui (Drunken Master II, The Heroic Trio, Rumble in the Bronx) as Princess Yuet-nga

Maggie Cheung (Police Story, Dragon Inn, Green Snake, Ashes of Time, Hero) as Mo-sin

Directed by Sammo Hung (Enter the Fat Dragon, Come Drink with Me, The Prodigal Son, Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain) Sammo Hung is amazing!  Director of 29 films, Action Director of 76 films, Actor in 184 films and TV series!

Action Director Corey Yuen Kwai (Red Cliff, Fists of Fury, Flying Guillotine Part II, Death Duel, Fong Sai Yuk 2).  If I see Corey Yuen’s name on a film I usually watch it.

Action Director Tony Ching Siu-Tung (Duel to the Death, A Chinese Ghost Story, The East is Red, Dragon Inn). Another amazing talent in Hong Kong cinema!

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