5 Deadly Venoms (1978)

5DV 4

Lu Feng and Lo Mang

Shaw Brothers cult classic 5 Deadly venom’s is about six pupils of the Venom clan.  The master of the clan is dying so he sends his newest and 6th pupil to fine the other five to make sure they are not using their skills for evil.  The problem is the clan is so secretive not all the students know each other and when/if they did meet they would always wear masks.  The five styles are The Centipede, The Snake, The Scorpion, The Lizard and The Toad.  The sixth pupil learned a little bit of each style but not enough to take on any individual Venom so his teacher tells him to join forces with at least one of them.

This film is so amazingly good.  Nothing to fancy, it gets right to the point and has an enjoyable plot.  It’s no wonder it was listed at number 11 on Entertainment Weekly’s Top 50 Cult Films list.

5DV 1

Chiang Sheng (The Brave Archer, Ten Tigers of Kwantung, Masked Avengers) as Yang Tieh, last student of the Venom House

Sun Chien (Ten Tigers of Kwantung, The Brave Archer II, Disciples Of The 36th Chamber)as Gao Ji, the Scorpion/Chief Constable Ma

Philip Kwok (Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981), Invincible Shaolin, Master of the Flying Guillotine) as Meng Tianxia, the Lizard/Constable He Yu

Lo Mang ( Kid with the Golden Arm, IP Man 2, Grandmaster, The )as Liang Shen, the Toad/Li Hao

Wei Pei (The Prodigal Son, Last Hurrah For Chivalry, The Flying Guillotine)as Qi Dong, the Snake/Hong Wentong

Lu Feng (The Shaolin Avengers, The Brave Archer, Brave Archer And His Mate) as Zhang Yiaotian, the Centipede/Tan Shan-kui

Wang Lung-wei (The Avenging Eagle, Clan of the White Lotus,  Shaolin Vs Wu Tang)as Justice Wang

Ku Feng (Princess Iron Fan, Magnificent Trio, One-Armed Swordsman) as Bookkeeper Yuan

Dick Wei (Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars, The Prodigal Son) as dying Head of Five Venoms House

5DV 3

The main actors would become to be known as the Venom Mob.  Most of them had known each other since they were kids and attended Peking Opera School in Taiwan.  together they would star in over thirty films together.  These guys know how to create a good movie, they were so experienced working together they could make the worst of scripts bearable to watch.

5DV 2

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