The South Shaolin Master (1984)


The South Shaolin Master or Nan quan wang (original title); Red Dragons of Shaolin (alternate western title) is a fun Martial Arts movie about a traveling opera troupe in 1853.

The Martial Arts are quite good.  There is a short display of Monkey Style Kung Fu, a nice fight scene involving Hook Swords, and another where one of the female troupe members disarms a man with a wicker basket then uses his own sabre against him.  Many unusual weapons such as Heaven and Earth Blade, Tiger Fork, Hook Swords, and Double Headed Spear are used in this film.

Just about the entire movie is shot on location and has a pretty good production budget, the story is pretty average but still enjoyable.  The Junk that the Opera Troupe live on is very nice touch and something I don’t get to see in martial arts movies so that was a bonus.  I know I say this a lot but I enjoyed the film, but would have prefered it in it’s original language of Cantonese with some decent subtitles.   So if you have 96 minutes to enjoy something it might as well be The South Shaolin Master!

Jian-Guo Chiu (To Catch a Thief, Once Upon a Time in China) plays the mysterious martial arts master and revolutionary leader Lin Hai-Nan

Yan-Long Li is the son of the Opera Troupe Owner.  His Martial Arts skills are good, but not good enough.


Kung Fu Cinema Review


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