The Blade (1995)

Hark Tsui, Wenzhuo Zhao (Vincent Zhao), Xin Xin Xiong, Collin Chou,  amongst many others come together to create one of the best Martial Arts Swordsman movies of the 1990’s!  The movie is an homage to the One-Armed Swordsman.  I’d like to point out that Chin Tsi-ang plays the role of Ling’s grandmother.  Chin Tsi-ang is one of the earliest martial arts actors of Chinese Cinema!

Ding-On played by Vincent Zhao (Fong Sai-yuk, Once Upon a Time in China 4 & 5, True Legend, The Storm Riders (TV Series), Seven Swordsmen (TV Series)) works for a sword forgery until he runs afoul of a bandit army.  Losing his arm in his first battle he is swept away and found by a woman named Blackie played by Chung Bik-ha.  Ridiculed for being a cripple Ding-on is again tormented by bandits until he finds part of a martial arts manual and starts training himself to take vengeance not only on the bandits that make his life hell but the bandit leader who is responsible for the death of his father. Meanwhile there is a second story concerning Iron Head played by Moses Chan (Black Mask, Gen X Cops) and Ling who is played by actress Song Lei.  As Ding-On struggles to improve himself it seems Iron Head and Ling spiral into madness.

Look, I’m not going to go into great detail about this movie.  You really need to see it for yourself, it really is great.


I’ve yet to find truly negative review of The Blade.  This will go down as one of Hark Tsui’s masterpieces.  The cast is perfect and offers some great guest star appearances if you know who to look for.  I found the tale gripping and was soon sucked in even after all these years.  Should you watch it?  Yes, definitely.


Vincent Zhao (Fong Sai-yuk, The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom, Wind and Cloud) as Ding-on

Moses Chan (Black Mask) as Iron Head

Hung Yan-yan (Martial Arts of Shaolin, Once Upon a Time in China 1-6, Shaolin) as Flying Dragon

Song Lei as Ling

Suet Nei (The One-Eyed Swordsman, The Deadly Dragon Sword, The White Dragon) as Ling (old age)

Austin Wai (The Thunderbolt Fist, The Avenging Eagle, Full Moon Scimitar, Kung Fu Wing Chun) as Ling’s father

Chung Bik-ha as Blackie

Valerie Chow as prostitute

Michael Tse (The Storm Riders) as Skeleton

Chan Wing-chung as monk

Chin Tsi-ang (Swordswoman of Huangjiang (1930), The Magnificent Swordsman, The Flying Dagger, Six Assassins, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow) as Ling’s grandmother

Szema Wah Lung (Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl, Thirteen Swords, The Swordswoman and Her 7 Partners, Drunken Master II) as Uncle Wah

Yuen Bun (Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman, A Chinese Ghost Story III, Swordsman 2, New Dragon Gate Inn) as bandit chief

Collin Chou (Ashes of Time, The Four 1, 2, 3) as Fast Saber


Kung Fu Cinema Review

Hong Kong Movie Database


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