Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng (2001)


Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng (2001) was the first Wuxia TV series I ever watched or owned.  Halfway through the ‘film’ I realised this was an edited tv series marketed as a full motion picture.  Originally 20 episodes at 45 minutes each Tia Seng Entertainment managed to edit and squeeze this 900 min series into a semi disjointed movie of only 200 minutes.  Max Mox who plays the Honest Monk pretty much ended up on the cutting room floor as do many characters from this Wuxia show based on Gu Long’s novel Lu Xiaofeng.  I have yet been able to watch this show in its entirety with English Subtitles.

Lu Xiafeng uncovers a plot to kill the Emperor at a dual to be held in the Forbidden City. He needs to find out who is behind it and clear his friends name who is being suspected of masterminding it.

Jimmy Lin plays the famous Lu Xiafeng or “Four Eyebrows” which refers to his mustache being the second set of eyebrows.  He is a womanising, drinking, swordsman with the most famous move of the Lingxi Finger which is reported to be able to catch anything with just his index and middle finger.  Lu Xiafeng fancies himself a detective and soon finds himself a mystery!

Christopher Lee is Ximen Chuixue (Simon the Snow Blower which is a play on words in Chinese literacy) he is known as the God of Sword, a ruthless killer and Lu Xiafengs closest friend.

Thomas Ong as Hua Manlou has been blind since childhood and is a very close friend and confidant to Lu Xiafeng.

Max Mok as Truthful Monk and I’m pretty sure he had more of a story in the original unabridged version.

Tao Hong as Ouyang Qing is the romantic interest for Lu Xiafeng


To be honest it is only great for me because it was my first Wuxia TV series.  It doesn’t hold up to other series with even half the budget.  There is probably a reason why I can not find a full version with English Subtitles. However if you do find a copy for a couple of pounds/dollars or if you can rent it or stream it on Netflix you might want to check it out. I like it because it was my first and lets face it the opening theme is awesome!

Jimmy Lin as Lu Xiaofeng
Christopher Lee as Ximen Chuixue
Thomas Ong as Hua Manlou
Kristy Yang as Sha Man
Max Mok as Truthful Monk
Qi Yuwu as Sikong Zhaixing
Jacelyn Tay as Gongsun Daniang / Niuroutang
Constance Song as Lady Boss
Wu Hsing-kuo as Ye Gucheng
Theresa Lee as Shangguan Feiyan
Tao Hong as Ouyang Qing
Fang Jiwei as Sun Xiuqing
Zheng Geping as Gong Jiu

The story from the book is good and you can check out a translation here

You can also check out the movie The Duel staring Andy Lau which is also based on the same book.

Kung Fu Cinema review


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