Fearless (2006)


Although it has some Wuxia elements Fearless is more of a martial arts film and I have not seen Jet Li in such a good martial arts film since Once Upon a Time in China. Jet Li stars as Huo Yuanjia who lived from 18 January 1868 – 9 August 1910 and is known for forming the Chin Woo Physical Training Centre.

The movie only takes certain aspects from Huo Yuanjia’s life and a large portion of the film is fabrication. Huo Yuanjia did actually fight Hercules O’Brian but I could find no evidence of the martial artist fighting against four on one fight. Huo Yuanjia’s accomplishments where many and he deserves to be revered and honored.

The movie brings the viewers through ups and downs, excitement and heartache but leaves you with a calm respect for the hero of the story and all he endured.

Yong Dong (The Lost Bladesman 2011), plays Nong Jinsun, Huo’s childhood friend.

Li Sun (The Assassins 2012, The Lost Bladesman 2011, Painted Skin 2008) plays the blind villager Moon

Ronny Yu directed Fearless. To me he is known for these films The Postman Strikes Back (Xun cheng ma) 1981, Saving General Yang 2013, Once Upon A Time in China 1 & 2 1992 & 1993, Bride with White Hair 1 & 2 1993.


Truly a well choreographed movie with a great script and a standard music score. At nine years old it still holds up in cinematography, costumes and acting. A definite classic movie

Kung Fu Cinema review

Video Review by The Silver Spleen


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